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Our celebrity feature covers everything from Leonardo DiCaprio using his powerful voice to answer questions the world never even knew they had about global warming to Seth Rogen raising his voice on Dementia/AD, and now the opportunity to do more research and spread awareness on the disease is higher than ever before.

Hilarity for Charity, created by Seth and Lauren Rogen has prioritised the most promising evidence-based Alzheimer’s Disease risk reduction strategy – living a brain-healthy lifestyle. By adding laughter and light on the disease, HFC, founded by Seth Rogen, has inspired change and improved the engagement of young future advocates of the disease.

Since taking this action, families are more empowered than ever to make a difference in the quality of life for those influenced by the disease, and disregarding the stigma behind it.

Celebrity feature, Kat Von D, Jeffree Star and to top it all off, Lady Gaga with makeup lines that are animal-cruelty free and totally vegan. The influence these celebrities entail for the greater good of our planet is proved time and time again. When a star speaks up, the whole world gets ready to listen and follow.

Covering Michael Schumacher’s recovery from sustaining serious head injuries in a skiing accident after receiving an anti-inflammatory stem cell perfusion by cardiovascular surgeon Philippe Menasché, described as a “pioneer in cell surgery”.



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Lady Gaga is endorsing a vegan makeup line

  In the midst of entering the new age, where the effects of global warming, deforestation, the chemicals consumed in our foods and animal cruelty...