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From brushing your hair 100 times to drinking a gallon of water a day to plump up your skin — we’ve all heard anti-aging home remedy advice from our mothers and grandmothers. And the same thing holds true for women across the globe, in many different cultures. Women all over the world are proving you can age well and gracefully, and you don’t have to go under the knife or spend your entire paycheck on a fancy new anti-aging cream.

When it comes to nature, one thing is clear. Everything put on this planet was orchestrated beautifully to live in harmony. The fundaments on which earth was created, is that everything we need is already placed right beside us. The stars give us direction; the sun feeds our trees and our trees feed us. Not only do they feed us, but they heal us. Nature even gifted us with antibiotics, to get to the root of health issues and cure them from there on out all the way to our perfect little treetops with home remedies.

Just because it comes from our fridge does not mean it is meant to go on our faces. Some of the most common ingredients in homemade masks can irritate and could seriously damage our skin. Many dermatologists advise against using them for home remedies.

However, there are still ways to get your skin glowing with the finest ingredients in your kitchen without robbing yourself of the beauty of your skin. To help you find the right combination of natural ingredients to enhance that natural glow, here is a list of what to skip and what actives are less likely to leave you with an explosion of stress.

The Best in Anti-Agining

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Avocado here, avocado in your hair, avocado everywhere.

For what feels like my whole life, I have been trying to find any and every natural ingredient under the sun for home remedies...