Cardiovascular disease claims 17 million lives each year and is the number one cause of death worldwide in men and women. Heart attacks cause damage to the heart muscle, which presents considerable challenges for doctors and researchers alike. The heart has minimal ability to regenerate; lost muscle is replaced by scar tissue, leaving patients with reduced cardiac function, where the heart cannot meet the body’s demand for blood flow. 

Current treatments for heart failure are focused on managing symptoms without addressing the root problem. Despite significant advances in controlling heart disease; heart disease is progressive. 

New strategic treatments are needed to restore function in the heart, rather than manage this chronic disease.  

Stem Cell Therapy for the heart

Stem cell therapy help regenerate damaged heart tissue. 

Several different types of approaches are used to repair damaged heart muscle with stem cells. Stem cells, often taken from bone marrow, is inserted into the heart using a catheter. 

Michael Schumacher, seven-time Formula 1 champion, recently treated by world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon and pioneer in stem cell surgery, Philippe Menasché has reportedly become conscious after being placed in a 6-month medically induced coma.

Whether the treatment was for the head injuries resulting from Micheal’s skiing accident in 2013 or for a heart condition that may have since developed, is unclear. But the 50 years old German is showing signs of recovery after receiving an anti-inflammatory stem cell perfusion. 

Dr Menasche is known for the world’s first embryonic cell transplant on a patient with heart failure in 2014.

Micheal Schumacher treated with Stem Cell Therapy

Researchers are using stem cell therapy in two critical ways to improve heart health:

  1. Patients with genetic causes of heart disease’s stem cells from heart muscles will have this disease, which aids in discovering new drugs for treatment.
  2. Stem cells offer ways to replace damaged heart tissue. Using stem cell therapy, researchers hope to repair or replace heart tissue damaged by congestive heart failure as well as heart attacks.

Stem cell therapy provides a durable treatment for heart deficiencies instead of focusing on symptom-related treatment.


  1. This must mean that there will be a press release soon and that there will be less covering up of the benefits this therapy has.


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