Lifestyle Changes to Improve Cognitive Function


The life we choose to lead is the life we will get. What we decide to put in is what the universe will decide to dish up. Cognitive decline, as many already know, has been proven to start much earlier than most realize. It is essential to give ourselves the highest quality of life we can get. Our lifestyle plays a significant role in the speed of decline of cognitive function, keeping a purposeful effort in stimulating all functions of our body slows down the pace in which we age.

lifestyle changes to improve cognitive function

Stimulate your brain.

For each individual, there are different ways to enrich brain function. Reading helps to recap and remember while allowing learning new things. Work the brain muscles with analyzing, reasoning and mathematical thinking by building puzzles or playing card games. New challenges and learning new skills never gets old. Learning new skills and enjoying hobbies increases brain chemicals that stimulate growth and anti-aging. By continuing educational opportunities, the brain keeps up, and the body will follow.

brain stimulation improve cognitive function

Positively release negative energy.

Self-care is a fundamental ground on which we keep our minds and bodies young. Chronic stress affects cognitive function. Thus it is crucial to prioritize reflection and release of our emotions to optimize brain health. Keeping a growth mindset, believing in change and making progress with every changing moment will give you the tools needed to keep your mind young and letting go. By utilizing meditation and yoga, gardening or any other personal way of release, your mind will be lighter, and the weight on your body will fall away. An easy and proven way to find happiness is to name three things you are grateful for at the start of each day. This simple trick is a studied method of ensuring satisfaction.

release negative energy improve cognitive function

Keep it social

Depression and loneliness increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Depressed people tend to be withdrawing and stray away from the stimulation needed to improve cognitive function. Take part in group sessions, computer-based training and social gatherings where engagement is prominent. What is good for the heart and our muscles is good for the brain.

socializing to improve cognitive function

Physical Stimulation

Don’t believe the lies you tell yourself, that you’re too old to exercise and your body will never make it. Many different types of exercise don’t require much energy but have intensive stimulation means. Aerobic exercises in the pool have been a favourite among many, and for a good reason. The water keeps you light, but the resistance stimulates balance and strength. Yoga is not only good for the release of emotions but good for balancing it out and stretching those muscles, too.

physical stimulation improve cognitive function

A healthy diet goes a long way.

Straying away from red meat and only having the occasional glass of wine or a shot of whiskey is the first step in promoting a healthy physiological system. 

The following foods are an easy guideline to follow for brain and gut health: 
  • Low-Fat Dairy
  • Fruits
  • Vegetable
  • Wholegrains
  • Vegetable Oil Sources

Make sure to take care of your bodies’ nutrition and vitamin intake, even when things are going well. Forget about the old trick of fueling up with foods that are nutritional when you’re under the weather, make it a lifestyle and keep that brain boosted all year long. 

diet improve cognitive function

Cognitive function needs to be a priority from early stages in life through to your golden years. It is never too early to prevent premature aging, and it is never too late to start.


  1. What a wonderful concept. I need to work on what I eat! It’s not about being on a diet, it’s about being healthy.


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