Welcome to the time where we say goodbye to lousy camera’s, and say “Hi Alexa, what’s my blood pressure looking like?” The aging generation of today is a generation of graceful, happy humans because technology has given them a type of independence like never before. Get ready to change the way you see everything you thought you knew about how to care for and, at the same time, keep the elderly on their toes for a quality of life they so dearly deserve.

the positive impact of technology as we age

Internet-Based Applications for Graceful Aging

Internet-based technology made by the hour is giving seniors the ability to monitor their health and wellness by checking blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, and even their nutrition. Loved ones can now feel more at ease, with technological savvy shoes, Digitsole, that can monitor and keep track of every step, and even every fall their taking. The newly released ECG Apple Watch, with sensors at the bottom of the watch, monitors electrical patterns of the heartbeat and analyzes potential issues while detecting overlooked abnormalities that could lead to a heart attack. The Apple Smartwatch then alerts medical professionals without having to make the call yourself. Apple health, in general, is an excellent assistance for keeping track of heart health. 

apple watch and health the positive impact of technology as we age

Monitored vital signs via apps will save those extra costs for check-ups in-between scheduled treatments. The thrilling new age gives seniors access to a Doctor’s appointment via video calls through Skype or FaceTime, and at the same time, medical records are sent with the touch of a button, keeping all files from all the many doctors in one place. The Myrcovery App guides you into surgery and post-operation with aftercare instructions and rehabilitation exercises.

myrecovery ap the positive impact of technology as we age

While the ability to drive, for most, is the very beginning of an independent life and holds the core of being independent for the rest of our lives. Innovative new cars give seniors the confidence to hold onto this, with parking assistance, GPS or even services like Uber or Lyft for on-demand transport.

The opportunity to learn new skills, earn money or keep dating in our golden years is so great with internet-based services, such as edX, that it’s nearly impossible to stop chasing dreams and reaching goals way past the conventional age. The feared loneliness that comes associated with many chronic diseases is now completely avoidable with dating apps to mix and match and online hostess services such as Airbnb providing a simple solution to keep earning money. There are also many online educational forums to take part in, to brush up on old skills or learn entirely new ones.

airbnb hostess for extra income

The market gap for technology to improve the lifestyles of our seniors is so big, and advancements are being made to fill the hole every year. NGO’s are getting on board to help seniors have complete access to new technology and providing assistance in learning all there is to know in how to use the technology to their advancement.

Tutor explaining task to senior

It doesn’t stop there. Prepare for a world where cars drive themselves and recognize unsafe driving conditions, street signs that talk, homes that wake you up and bring your medication to you and robots as carers – for the most graceful, technical savvy aging generation of all time.


  1. I always had a negative perspective on technology, but after reading this, I have a whole new fresh perspective on the positive effects it could have on or lives, young or not!


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