Avocado here, avocado in your hair, avocado everywhere.


For what feels like my whole life, I have been trying to find any and every natural ingredient under the sun for home remedies – from my hair that needs a little TLC, a bad cough or for a simple facial mask.

With that, there has been many ups and downs. I have experienced hair loss, burns and many unwanted results.

Just because it comes from our fridge does not mean it is meant to go on our faces. Some of the most common ingredients in homemade masks can irritate and could seriously damage our skin. Many dermatologists advise against using them. 

However, there are still ways to get your skin glowing with the finest ingredients in your kitchen without robbing yourself of the beauty of your skin. To help you find the right combination of natural ingredients to enhance that natural glow, here is a list of what to skip and what actives are less likely to leave you with an explosion of stress.

  • Image result for Lime/lemonLime/lemon, because of its natural acidity can cause severe irritation and that’s before you step outside in the sun. 

    Image result for Baking soda

  • Baking soda, on the other hand, can completely strip your skin from its natural moisturising and bacteria barrier which leads to irritation, inflammation and a bad break out.
  • Image result for TurmericTurmeric and its anti-inflammatory properties high, its tinting properties tend to be just as high a better option is to sip on it rather than applying it directly to your face. (Try it with a spoonful of honey, and you will have the worlds best coughing syrup)
  • Image result for CinnamonCinnamon, a spice widely used in lip plumping gloss by stimulating blood flow will cause a burning sensation and irritation to your skin.

How about something that works? Avocado. Honey. Avocado. Avocado Natural Skin CareHoney. Avo…

Two of natures most beautiful gifts. Both yummy. Both good for everything. I promise. 

Avocado is known widely for its moisturising properties on skin and hair. It is a good source of potassium – known as the youth mineral. Consider all the healthy fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants in one avocado, and you will quickly realise the only answer to any beauty question is always AVOCADO.

Honey is second. Or is it the first? Whichever you consider first, honey will never be last. It’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and forever boosting your complexion. You’re able to use honey in as much volume as you like and as little – both giving off different desired results for an ever-changing desiring human.

When using avocado and honey together for the glow of a lifetime, the best ratio would be 1:1

Feel free to munch up the leftovers with some carrots and cucumber!

The best part about using natural ingredients that are compatible with skin is that they are active and your skin will never tire, which means they will always do their job precisely like the last time. Your budget will never get worn out, and they are almost always available at your local corner shop to your favourite grocery store. So, if you’re still asking yourself questions about what would work best for your skin. Remember, the first answer is always honey. Or is it avocado?


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have been using baking soda on my face almost weekly and the results were totally not what I expected!

  2. Since I started bleaching my hair white blond it started looking weak and brittle. I tried avo hair mask and wow I’m super impressed! I wish I could post the before and after pictures because it’s unreal how affective one mask can really be. Gooodbye expensive harmful products and hello avocado 🥑

  3. I tried an avocado mask the other night and you won’t believe the glow I had afterwards! I used to ue baking soda often and I can definitely see how it stripped my faces natural oils.


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