Increase the Resistance of Aging with your Diet

increase resistance in aging

The key to increasing your resistance against aging with your diet and slowing down the pace with a good quality of life is proper nutrition. An estimated third to one-half of the health problems we face in the modern age is easily associated with the wholesomeness, or lack thereof, in our diet.


First, feed your mind. Find the foods you like. If there is no pleasure in your daily intake of nutritious foods, your body will overhear the whispers of your thoughts. If you’d rather chew on a stick than eat broccoli, search for a vegetable you can enjoy with the same amount of nutrients, protein and minerals. I mention the mind before the body because if your mind is not in the right place, your body cannot follow. 

mind healing

Having a positive outlook on the life you lead is most important. As your thoughts can heal, so it can destroy.

 Feed your body. Feeding your body with antioxidant-rich and wholesome foods will ultimately balance your emotions and boost your immunity to a new level of greatness. So you see, they both go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.

 Take it step-by-step. 

Start by conditioning yourself to stray away from processed food as much as you possibly can. What most people don’t know are the two most processed foods we consume daily: the sugar and white flour pumped into everything and anything. To cut these two out of your diet is the best headstart in any diet. Start surrounding yourself with fresh goodness. Take a trip to the farmers market and follow online pages that mostly only cook with fresh ingredients for new dinner ideas. 

The cravings we endure are not natural, and by straying away little by little, your body will soon start letting go of the old and inviting in the new. 

wholesome food

Tips and Tricks

Understandably, we tend to go for whatever is quicker and faster to make and consume, but there are ways to prep for your lunch or dinners ahead of time to grab and go. Most veggies are freezable. Pick a day in your week to focus on cooking up a storm, or make extra each time you prepare dinner, store them in freezable containers for the next time you don’t have time to cook, or you’re feeling a little under the weather. One of my most favourable tricks is to freeze fruits like berries and bananas to make beautiful smoothies. I also love to boil some eggs while I’m busy cooking to enjoy the next morning for breakfast with toast and of course, avocado, but of course, you are more than entitled to switch it up with your favourites!


Nature’s pace slowers.

Our metabolism slows down by the day as we age, especially after the age of 40, it is essential to get fibres in to give your body the boost it needs. Make your body a hydration station; give your blood a pure flow. As your taste buds start to become more tasteless, avoid adding more salt and stick to herbs and spices! 

Get some sun, baby! Vitamin D, first and foremost, is essential to slow down the pace in aging. Take trips to the beach and walk along the sand or start a mini garden with access to sunshine to make sure you won’t miss a day in the sun. Secondly, ask your doctor for the best Vitamin D supplement to ensure you’re getting just the right amount to keep your body and mind young. 

beach sunlight vitamin D

Take your life and aging back, then grab it with open arms. 

Be the hero of your own aging pace; find what you love and work around your likings to live the life you deserve until the end of time, for as long as you can. You are the most exceptional author of your own beautiful story. Nothing can stop you now!


  1. I always try to take a walk on the beach at least once a week, there is something so powerful and healing about it.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try making more smoothies for my husband and me, I think it is such a delicious and easy way to get lots of nutrients in without having to chew so much!

  3. The truth is that our bodies tell us immediately when it needs a healthy lifestyle! We need to learn to listen to what our bodies tell us.


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