Miracle Healing Powers of Celery Juice

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Miracle Healing Powers of Celery Juice

If you are still breathing and live on earth, you have heard about Netflix. Netflix recently released a documentary called “Heal” – a must-watch if you’re interested in knowing more about the effectiveness of western medicine vs eastern medicine. Each significantly playing roles in the healing of human bodies. In the documentary, Anthony William features throughout, showing off his miraculous gift as a medical medium. Medical Medium and the miracle healing powers of Celery Juice are rarely not said in the same sentence.

healing power of celery juice

The Celery Juice Movement

Anthony leads the celery juice movement, and it is not just another new trend that will pass in a few weeks. It has been around for over 20 years and is sure to be around for many more. Why? It works. It is a healing herb, which relieves and heals your body from all acute as well as chronic illnesses and symptoms. If you suffer from digestive problems, an autoimmune disease, migraines or fatigue and brain fog, celery juice is here to save you. It also clears up your skin and eases water retention. There are hundreds of illnesses from which celery juice can benefit. Improve your digestion and mental clarity by drinking straight celery juice every morning on an empty stomach.

“Celery juice is one of the most profound ways, if not the most profound way to restore digestive health. It is that powerful.” – Anthony William

Does science approve?

A limited amount of scientific evidence can back up on what celery juice does for our health. British Skin Foundation spokesperson Emma Wedgeworth spoke out on celery juice, claiming that it increases sensitivity to UVA sunlight because it contains ‘psoralens’. Psoralens could lead to an increase in skin aging and the risk of skin cancer.


On the other hand, many people testify to the miracle celery juice has gifted them. A grassroots movement is taking over the world in a significantly positive way. Millions of people around the globe are experiencing the benefits of participating in this movement. If you are on any social media platform and search the hashtag #celeryjuice, your phone will crash. Don’t do it. Celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and Pharell Williams to the queen of health, Gwenyth Paltrow have all fallen under the movement.

Scientifically proven or not, it is the kind of movement you can get behind with nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Not because celebrities are doing it, not because the whole world is talking about it but because it works. Maybe, just maybe, because the world as a whole gets to heal together like never before.

healing together

You can get Anthony William’s book on celery juice here: https://amzn.to/2Xz811P/?tag=vertexcentral-20 and let us know what your experience is.


  1. I didn’t know celery was a herb, I’ve always thought it was just another veggie. Now it makes more sense that it is so good for our bodies!

  2. The medical medium guy is my new favourite person when it comes to eastern medicine practice, he is absolutely amazing. I’m always in ae when I look at how he works the energies around his patient’s bodies for diagnosis.

  3. Since reading your post last week I took out my juicer and Iā€™ve been making fresh celery juice every morning and itā€™s been a life changing experience. Iā€™ve suffered from Eczema my entire life. Iā€™ve tried every pharmaceutical / natural medicine on the market and FINALLY Iā€™ve come across an article thatā€™s helped, if not healed me. Celery Juice changed my life. Thank you šŸ™

  4. Since hearing about Anthony Williams I started drinking 16 ozs of pure celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Even though I miss some days, I have noticed that my psoriasis is clearing up. I was diagnosed with it in February 2019 and I am thrilled that it is now gone from my arms torso and lower legs. The upper legs area was the worst affected but is now also fading. I know that soon I will be totally free of the psoriasis and bless Anthony Williams for sharing his gift with us.


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