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It’s not always that reflection in the mirror that counts the most, your oral health is a great reflection on your bodily health too. It’s true when they said; you can tell a lot about a person from their smile. Have you guessed why?

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Periodontal disease and gum disease affects most people at some stage of their life. There is no need to worry though because the ultimate secret to a perfectly healthy lifestyle to improve your oral health is about to be revealed!

But first, what is the cause behind that unforgiving build-up of plaque and bacteria in your mouth?


A deficiency in Vitamin D and Vitamin A affects the enamel on your teeth, while the lack of Vitamin B causes cracks in the lips, cheek ulcers, inflammation of gum lining and a burning sensation in the mouth and on the tongue.


Osteoporosis tends to decrease bone density, which is the foundational support of teeth, and this exacerbates tooth loss.


Sugar is the only cause behind the formation of cavities and tooth decay. The elevated blood sugar levels caused by diabetes affect your saliva’s ability to fight bacteria.


Smokers are most often affected by gum disease as the bacteria in their mouths are not cleaned often enough.


Malnutrition causes plaque build-up around the mouth and wears away the enamel on the teeth.

The warning signs of gum disease are quite evident. They start slow, but if left untreated, systematic problems arise at a rapid rate.

oral health

The oral health signs to look out for are:
  •   Inflamed gums
  •   Worn-down teeth
  •   Dry mouth
  •   Bad breath
  •   Ulcers
  •   Swelling

Untreated oral health results in severe pain and even the ability to eat your favourite snacks becomes a total nightmare. Plus, the possibility that the bacteria in your mouth can travel in your blood to other parts of your body, such as your heart and lungs through blood vessels is shockingly high. Oral bacteria plays a leading role in the development of cancer cells in the lungs.

oral health

What is the simple solution to a healthy smile you might ask?

I don’t remember what the question was, but the answer is coconut oil, always. Coconut oil was used for oil-pulling as an ancient medicinal treatment for treating inflammation-causing bacteria in the mouth – without stripping the good bacteria in your mouth. And what’s better than a modern comeback from an ancient medicine? 

Coconut oil also increases bone strength by allowing better absorption of vitamins and minerals. The reinvented Coconut Oil-Pulling by Cocobaci makes for a simple and easy way to give your mouth – and overall health, the weapons it needs to combat bacteria and gum diseases that could lead to more severe health issues. We’re too young for that!

A fresh new twist that gives you the confidence and assurance of a beautiful and healthy smile, to conquer the world with a newly obtained savviness, is all you’ll ever need.


  1. Cocobaci is an amazing product, I have been doing oil pulling for a long time, but coconut oil is my favourite and the Cocobaci flavours just put the cherry on top!

  2. I have been trying Cocobaci for about a week now, almost done with my 15-Day Program and the results are shockingly good! My oral health is better than it has ever been.


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