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Many people think that by taking supplements, it substitutes for a healthy and balanced diet, this is not true. The main reason behind the making of supplements is to supply those who cannot absorb enough nutrients from their food because of certain conditions, such as lactose intolerance that may cause a deficiency in Vitamin D. Another reason for the high demand in supplements, is the fact that as we move more rooted into time, our bodies start to digest less and fewer nutrients from our diet.

supplements as we age

Think of supplements as an additive rather than a substitute. 

The primary vitamins in supplements are Vitamin A, -C, -D, -B3, -B6, B9.

First off, Vitamin D is one of the most accessible vitamins to obtain. By standing in the sun for more or less an hour a day, your body will have absorbed all it needs for a healthy moving body with anti-inflammatory effects reducing physiological stress and controlling cell regeneration. But, if you stay in an apartment building where shade is everywhere, or you’re sitting in the middle of winter, giving yourself that chance is quite scarce and deems it necessary for you to dive into a more available source of Vitamin D. 

vitamin D supplement sunlight

Deficiency in Vitamin D can higher the risk of heart disease and people are more likely to get diabetes, and lack of Vitamin D is correlated with depression.

Vitamin A works wonders in neutralizing cellular deterioration and fights oxidative damage that causes premature shortening of telomeres, which adds to a faster aging pace of our physical body. Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid which boosts the production of collagen in our skin to fight those wrinkles and extra elasticity you might begin to notice as you get older. Vitamin C also contains active protective agents fighting against the formation of skin cancer.

Vitamin B3 balances the production of oil and helps maintain moisture levels within our skin. As our veins tend to dilute with the coming of age, Vitamin B3 gives the circulation of our blood a free-flowing way. While Vitamin B6 assists skin repair carrying red blood cells to up the oxygen quality in our blood, Vitamin B9, the folic acid of the vitamin family detoxifies the blood and generates cell growth.

do we need supplements as we age

Essentially, your diet and lifestyle are what counts the most.

Building and ensuring strong immunity is critical to having a healthy lifestyle. With age, our digestive health slows down. Our bodies do not produce vitamins, which is why there is no reason your diet shouldn’t consist of a healthy balanced supply of vitamins and nutrients. As we age, our bodies do not absorb enough nutrients and vitamins for the sensitivity of an aging body against viruses and diseases.   It is best to consult with your doctor and discuss what vitamin you lack, to prevent the risks of absorbing too many vitamins which could have significant health implications long-term.

supplements in food

To obtain an optimal function of your body, find balance and maintain your health, by adding onto your diet with a supplement recommended by your doctor. Conquer the world and climb those mountains, knowing you are supplying your body with the best to be the best possible version of your human body.



  1. I’ve been taking supplements since I was a child, and if I forget for a week or so or life gets too busy, I certainly feel the difference. This is very important.

  2. I wish I could get my mom to start taking supplements! I truly feel she has a lack of vitamins and nutrients in her diet.


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