How to reduce wrinkles without surgery?

How to reduce wrinkles without surgery

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as purchasing a certain kind of product if you are looking for a long term solution that is indeed effective. The approach that we take here treats the skin like a dynamic, living part of the body, and so requiring intelligent and effective care that reflects in way of youthfulness and health. You will realize that what is outlined is a very simple and practical method of maintaining skin health with ingredients from the natural world.

The outer elastic and the pigmented layer of cells that we see and refer to as skin is called Epidermis the epidermis. It’s the outermost layer of skin cells but is the product of the lower layer of skin called the basal layer, where new, healthy and moist cells are produced. On their journey outwards towards the epidermis they are exposed to various hazardous physical and chemical forces that affect the cell moisture and function. This exposure reflects in way of a dehydrated skin that lacks luster and develops one or more skin irregularities.

This is where the role of essential oils in way of topical care and nutrition in the way of internal support and fortification come into play. The role of good nutrition is something that is more or less understood by most people and so I will not go into details except for reiterating that a healthy diet is very important to maintain good skin.

A diet rich in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, etc. is great for you. What you should stay away from are processed and packaged foods like instant noodles, biscuits, processed cheese, all-purpose flour, etc, saturated fats present in fried foods, caffeine, alcohol, etc. These burden the system with toxins and have poor nutritional value reflecting in dehydrated and undernourished skin.

So why are essential oils effective agents to maintain healthy skin?

The answer has to do with their source and the organic nature that renders them very Pine Oiluseful to the human body. Essential oils are extracted from certain varieties of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, and flowers. They are generated and stored by the plant in special cells depending on the plant. For example, pine oil comes from the needles and twigs of the tree while citrus oils are extracted from the peel of the fruits, like orange oil and lemon oil.

I’m sure you are aware of the sweet aromatic properties of essential oils but they are much more than delicious fragrances. On average an essential oil has about a hundred chemical constituents like terpenes, aldehydes, esters, etc. that have been proven in numerous studies to have therapeutic benefits for the human body. They contribute towards stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanisms in many ways, one particular one being that of stimulating circulation, a much desired and appreciated property for skincare.

Now historically the use of these fragrant materials for skin rejuvenation and cosmetic purposes can be traced back to about 5000 years. The Egyptians amongst many other civilizations famously used aromatic preparations as medicine, for spiritual use, to maintain the youth of the skin and also for the embalming of the Pharaohs.

A brief sketch of why essential oils are so popularly used for skin care is that the molecules of essential oils are compatible with the physiology of the skin and easily penetrate it. They stimulate cell health and prevent the congestion of toxins because as mentioned above they positively influence circulation and the results of use are visible fairly quickly in the way of a healthier and brighter looking skin. Another process that they influence is of healthy cell regeneration which is again important for youthful skin. Essential oils are in these and many other ways instrumental in reversing any skin disorders like wrinkles, large pores, dryness, etc. by maintaining healthy skin.

Even though it’s impossible to outline the myriad ways the processes of essential oils help skin health, I hope this is a decent amount of information for you to see why they might be covered for anti-aging and cosmetic use which in this instance is more about healing the skin than topically beautifying it.

However, the care taken in way of nutrition and application of serums and oils crafted from natural ingredients like essential oils can take up to 4 months to reflect a permanent change in the quality of skin as they protect and nourish the cells in their journey towards the epidermis as was discussed above. This not to say that results take very long to reflect. Typically a person that switches to essential oils based serums can start seeing a difference in their skin in terms of hydration, balance, and brightness within a week. You will also begin noticing a visible difference in fine lines and wrinkles.

This secret from the natural world is now yours to maintain youthful and bright skin. I hope this also offers some clarity around essential oils, their use and enables you to further explore various aspects of this interesting and exciting field on your own if you are so inclined.

How to Reduce Wrinkles Without Botox

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