CBD oil and Brain rejuvenation the connection

CBD Oil and Brain Rejuvenation: the Connection

Rejuvenating your brain to its full potential can be done in many different ways. Try starting with a juicing diet or a diet that includes plenty of brain food to feed your brains neuromodulatory system, the signalling system involving your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Everyone with a brain has one. Another incredible option is CBD oil. Your ECS has a significant influence on your bodily health, and mainly, your mental health. 

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How does CBD Oil affect our bodily system?

ECS has one goal, wherever it may be found in the body, and that one simple goal is homeostasis. Homeostasis’ primary focus is to maintain a stable environment inside our mind, body and ultimately, our soul by fighting all external factors. CBD oil mimics endocannabinoid messengers in our body. Basically, CBD oil helps your brain to build bridges and burn them once you get to the brighter side. Self-imposed limitations become a thing of the past as your brain reformats old patterns into healthy, mindful, open gates.

What is the connection?

CBD is a primary cannabinoid found in a cannabis plant and is non-psycho active. The other primary cannabinoid is THC, the psychoactive compound you might know as the “high”.  Protein receptors throughout your brain respond to endocannabinoids. Cannabinoids bind to these receptors when you ingest the oil. Each person’s reaction to the effects of CBD oil varies depending on your needs and, believe it or not, your expectations. AKA the placebo effect. 

The interaction between CBD and your brain’s rejuvenation can benefit your ultimate health in several ways. Such as: 

  • Reduction of inflammation; the possible cause of anxiety, depression, AD, trouble with memory, strokes and best of all, epilepsy.
  • Production of healthy brain cells; slowing down the decline in age-related cognitive diseases.
  • Protection against damage caused by oxidants; producing antioxidants that are comparable to Vitamins C and E. 
  • Interaction between neurotransmitters; increasing serotonin and glutamine associated with depression and learning abilities.
  • Anti-convulsant properties; effectively reducing seizures to a minimum.

More about CBD oil.

CBD oil is one of the fastest-growing supplements. It is made with CBD extractions from a cannabis plant and diluted with either coconut oil (YUM!) or hemp seed oil (YAY!). CBD oil appeals to an individuals needs of rejuvenation without the effects of pharmaceutical drugs. 

Many more clinical trials and research is needed to confirm what the relationship is between the rejuvenation of our brain and the benefits of CBD oil. One thing is for sure, over time, it has become more evident that CBD oil is one of nature’s true gifts out there. It is our duty as occupants of Mother Earth to spread the glorious nature of CBD oil within ourselves and among our loved ones.

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  1. I feel now more than ever that I absolutely need to get my hands on this oil. Many family members have suggested it before but this helped me understand it a bit more, for sure.

  2. CBD oil is the new black! I only use holistic / plant based medicines and CBD oil has to be one of my absolute favorite. I convinced my gran who is a 😯 something year old lady (who is for some unknown reason totally against herbal medication) to start taking CBD oil for lymphoid cancer and it wasn’t even a week later she was convinced that it is indeed magic !! I love your articles they are always so interesting and we need more !! 😉


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