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When it comes to nature, one thing is clear. Everything put on this planet was orchestrated beautifully to live in harmony. The fundaments on which earth was created, is that everything we need is already placed right beside us. The stars give us direction; the sun feeds our trees and our trees feed us. Not only do they feed us, but they heal us. Nature even gifted us with antibiotics, to get to the root of health issues and cure them from there on out all the way to our perfect little treetops. Here are my top 3 picks from Nature’s Antibiotic cabinet:


honey natures antibiotic

Raw honey is a natural source of antioxidants; it is antibacterial and acts as an antifungal remedy. It is a powerful phytonutrient.
Although there are only traces amounts of minerals and nutrients found in this antibiotic, and it contains no fibre, fat or protein, it is an easy and convenient substitute for the standard white processed sugar we consume daily – this is when honey’s benefits are most pronounced.

When it comes to your wounds, honey is proven to be one of the best ways you could treat them. Not only does honey taste better than sugar, but it is one of the best substitutes for an antibacterial ointment. In a study on the benefits of honey, 97% of patients with diabetes that have formed foot ulcers healed.

To improve your digestive health, consuming honey consciously is the way forward.

Using raw honey as a substitute for other sweeteners can reduce risk factors of heart disease in many different ways. Not only does it prevent blood clots from forming, but it also improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels too, and buckwheat honey increases the antioxidant value of the blood flowing through your veins!

My personal favourite is what a miracle worker honey can be for sore throats — proven to be more effective than many of the common cough syrups out there. Reducing the symptoms of a cough means sleepless nights become a nightmare turned to a dream. At last, a cough syrup your kids will be sure to love, and your concerns about the side effects other cough syrups tend to have will be gone with the wind.


turmeric natures antibiotic

Here I mention another superfood from Mother Nature herself, a natural pain reliever that works just as well as the pharmaceutical ibuprofen! As incredible as that sounds, it gets even better. Turmeric is unique in its artery clearing effects. Again, reducing bad cholesterol and improving the overall health of the heart. Those who suffer from inflammation with inflammatory bowel disease will begin to find ease in their daily lives from this wonder-worker.

Turmeric changes the neurotransmitters in our brain by elevating serotonin and lowering stress hormones such as cortisol. Thus, your levels of depression are significantly lowered. Symptoms of arthritis are improved dramatically when you consume turmeric.


garlic natures antibiotic

Last but not least, the potency of garlic’s medicinal properties is undeniable. This highly nutritious and low in calories herb is easy to fit in your daily life by adding it to meals, and has been used for its medicinal properties for over 4000 years!

Garlic also improves blood pressure levels while it increases white blood cells, relaxes blood vessels and causes them to dilate.

The list goes on, with bone health being strongly affected positively. Your blood sugars are regulated, and garlic is known to relieve stomach gases but never touching the good bacteria in your body.

If you are already thinking about starting to up your intake of garlic, another benefit is how garlic can end up clearing acne and delaying the aging process. It will help your bodies’ protection against UV rays and amazingly enough, start to control your asthma.

Whether you would like to improve your overall health or you have a specific ailment to target, garlic is the crumbs on the path to incredible health.

You might be asking yourself which one of these three would work best for you and your personal wellbeing. My tips are simple. Add garlic to every and anything you can, but eating raw garlic has a substantially higher effect than adding it to food.

Turmeric is not suitable for consumption daily – consider adding it to foods, and even better, it goes down well in a lemon and honey tea on a Sunday morning. Consume honey consciously (remember, as the saying goes, too much of a good thing…).

Make your natural cough syrup even more potent by adding a small amount of turmeric.

Natures antibiotics prove that we can heal and improve our health significantly without any side effects that pharmaceutical medicines often have. We should explore this more and more, to get back to our roots.


  1. I find it so amazing how these ingredients hide in our cupboards, and we have no idea what powers these foods hold for our healing bodies.

  2. Been consuming raw garlic for a few weeks now, my acne has cleared and I am the only one among my friends who haven’t been affected by the flu!

  3. Garlic has changed my life. I suffer from candida and garlic is my miracle cure!! It’s the worlds strongest antibiotics so I don’t ever get sick anymore. I chop it up, leave It for 10 minutes and then drink it like pills. I’ll never visit the doctor ever again !!!


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