I have to admit, when I first heard the name of this therapy, I had to let a little giggle out. But, Tickle Therapy is nothing but another fantastic advancement in the world of science for anti-aging procedures.

Tickle Therapy

The therapy, known by scientists as Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation, is administered by delivering a painless electrical current around your ear. Signals sent through the vagus nerve through to the nervous system improve physiological wellbeing. The benefits include a better quality of life; an improvement in moods and sleep is much improved.  

How does Tickle Therapy aid in the fight of Aging?

Tickle Therapy has proved successful in slowing down essential factors associated with aging, and protects the physiological body against chronic diseases that are prone with age like; high blood pressure, heart disease and atrial fibrillation. The ear is the gateway to our metabolic system and autonomic nervous system, and stimulation on the ear controls the bodily functions without any conscious thought whatsoever, just like digestion, breathing, your blood pressure and your heart rate. 

How does tickle therapy benefit the fight if aging

An autonomic nervous system consists of two particular branches:

These two branches are what gives your body the ability to maintain a perfectly balanced healthy body function with aging; the sympathetic nerve branch functions in a low-intensity environment such as rest and digest — the parasympathetic branch functions in high-intensity situations, such as the fight or flight mode. Within the parasympathetic nerve, lies a major nerve called the vagus nerve, which has a small branch on the outer ear. 

The perfect health balance obtained from these two branches gets thrown off with age and when fighting disease, which is where tickle therapy comes in, to rebalance the autonomic function of a healthy living being. Patients who have been part of this study with the most significant imbalance have had the most considerable improvements in heart and mental health. 

Tickle Therapy University of Leeds

Tickle therapy lowers the need for medication, risk of death and your non-stop hospital visits are possibly a thing of the past. A self-administered treatment at home gives healthy aging a fighting chance with the stress of actually just showing up for therapy significantly lowered too. Investigations for long-term effects lead by the University of Leeds are still on-going, but the proof remains in the short-term pudding!



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