Fat Grafting: What’s the new buzz everyone is talking about?

facial fat grafting

Fat grafting, also known as the autologous fat transfer is the new buzz everyone has been talking about, but what is it?

It is a relatively new type of surgical reconstruction technique which entails the extraction of your fat in places on your body with unwanted fats. The surgeon then transfers it to other uneven parts of your body or to enlarge them, that is where the name Fat Grafting comes from. 

How does it work?

The fat extracted from areas such as your thighs, belly or buttocks with a small needle, is processed into a liquid and then injected into the desired area.  Some patients have to undergo a fat gaining process to produce enough fat for extraction. The extracted fat can be inserted into your breasts, your face or your buttocks depending on your desired look. 

fat grafting model

Who can go for Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is used mainly for relatively small desired increases in size. If you prefer a natural result from getting reconstructive surgery, fat grafting might be the best answer. Patients who have undergone the procedure reported back that they had plenty of sensation and softness to their breasts or buttocks, unlike other reconstructive breast procedures.


For fat grafting to have the best results you could ask for, you will need to go for about 4-6 individual sessions. The initial healing process would take a few weeks. After healing has taken place, your body will need more time for swelling to reduce and subside before revealing its final results. 

fat grafting area

Long-term results

As this is such a new procedure, there are barely any clinical studies to rely on what the results will be long-term, as the body can reabsorb fat. Fat also promotes the growth of cells, which could be linked to breast cancer.



  1. This is a great alternative to having implants, and I think it might have changed my mind a bit on the idea of having my breasts done.

  2. This sounds like a winning recipe! Taking your own fat from places you don’t want fat and injecting into places you’d rather be fuller?? Yes, Please!


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