Staying on the sun for a long period of time could cause some damage to not you as it affects your eyes, skin and other body parts. It could also lead to the development of some chronic diseases. I am sure you never imagined that. Here are five ways your overexposure to the sun could be affecting you negatively:

  1. It affects your respiratory health: This is especially true for people that live and work in urban areas where there are cars and manufacturing industries everywhere. The air in such areas is usually polluted and sunshine may just be making the air even dirtier! Ultraviolet rays of the sun trigger the release of chemicals that form smogs from polluted air. 
  2. Development of heat rash: thus occurs when the sweat ducts trap sweat under the skin. It leads to the formation of tiny clusters of pimple like blisters on the skin. Usually on the chest, neck, elbow crease, groin, and skin folds. 
  3. Your risk of developing skin cancer is high if you are always under the sun. This damage develops over the years due to long term exposure to the sun. 
  4. The sun causes skin wrinkles: wrinkles are usually associated with the aging process but when you expose yourself to the sun for long hours frequently, you fast forward the rates at which they appear. This is because of the ultraviolet rays of the sun damage collagen and elastic tissues present in the skin. Consequently, the skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag. 
  5. The occurrence of heat exhaustion and heat stroke: Heat exhaustion occurs as a result of excessive loss of water and useful salts from the body from excessive sweating. This happens after long hours under the sun or overly crowded places. Heat stroke is as a result of poor management of heat exhaustion. And could be very fatal.


  1. I’ve seen students of mine suffer from heatstroke and it was not a good picture! We took all the necessary steps to prevent it from happening, but sometimes the sun is just too strong!


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